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Oil Change Service Savings near Whitefish Bay, WI

Your car needs regular oil changes, or its engine will stop working. Oil changes are likely the most routine aspect of owning a car. Your car uses motor oil to lubricate, clean, and cool the engine. Each of these functions is vital. It keeps the engine clean by sweeping away debris formed when fuel burns. You can imagine why oil gets gummed up eventually. Even if your oil never gets low, it can get too used to work properly. Not replacing your oil when it's low or old can result in overheating your engine or other costly damages. The oil is like the water in a fish tank and requires regular changing. Replacing a broken engine, an outcome of not changing the oil, can cost more than a new car in some cases.

If you think your car is due for an oil change or any other kind of service, book an appointment at David Hobbs Honda's on-site automotive service center using our online form. By taking advantage of our auto service coupons, you can save on oil changes or other types of service.

When Do You Need an Oil Change Service?

All cars are different when it comes to the kinds and amount of oil they use. Your car's user manual will let you know what kind of oil and how much it takes. It will also tell you how often to expect to replace it. Car manuals also sometimes give useful pointers on driving with minimal strain to the engine and how to check the oil level. Checking your oil frequently ensures you never have an unnoticed leak.

Besides your user manual, you can rely on our team's knowledge at David Hobbs Honda near Whitefish Bay, WI. We know how Honda and other cars work and will replace your oil properly and professionally. Also, your technician should put a sticker in your dash to tell you how many miles or days before your next recommended oil change (this is another place you can check to see if you are due for one). The technician will also reset your vehicle's "Service Engine Soon" light if it has one. This light is an indicator that you have gone a certain number of miles since the last change. It is not as problematic as the "Check Engine" light, though we can help you figure out why that light is on if it is.

If you are due for an oil change, do not hesitate to book one at David Hobbs Honda near Whitefish Bay, WI.

Schedule an Oil Change Service at David Hobbs Honda

If you need an oil change or do not know how long it has been since the last one, you should come and see what we can do for you near Whitefish Bay, WI. Another reason to book an oil change appointment at David Hobbs Honda is that we know how to dispose of motor oil properly, and we will replace your oil filter with it.

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