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FAQ About Brake Service near Milwaukee, WI

For affordable and quality brake service, look no further than David Hobbs Honda’s service center. That is because our service center is staffed by a team of factory-trained technicians who make it their mission to provide efficient and reliable service time and again. If your brakes need repair or replacement, then we encourage you to visit us today. We recommend that you schedule a service appointment online before you come in.

If you have any questions regarding our brake services, then you have come to the right place. Our technicians are more than capable of answering any questions that you have. You can reach us online, by phone at (414) 988-3335, or you can read our frequently asked brake questions below.

Frequently Asked Brake Questions

  • How do brakes function? Brakes use the force of friction to convert kinetic energy from the vehicle into heat. The process includes a connected lever that pushes a piston into a master cylinder, which is filled with hydraulic fluid. That fluid is squirted through a series of pipes into wider cylinders located near the brakes. The system multiplies the force of your foot on the pedal into enough force to make the car stop.
  • How often should I get a brake inspection? It is recommended that you get your brakes inspected once every six months. Most people have them inspected when they get their tires rotated.
  • What do calipers and brake pads do? The calipers are the clamps that close whenever you apply pressure to your brakes. This motion presses the brake pads against the rotor to stop the wheel from spinning. The brake pads are made from metal, and they are fixed with a friction-promoting material to firmly grip the rotors.
  • Why do my brakes squeal or grind when I use them? Wear and tear can cause the brake pads to harden and decrease in functionality, causing squealing noises and other symptoms. If you notice your brakes starting to squeal loudly or show any other unusual behavior like shaking or grinding, bring your car to us for an inspection.

Schedule Your Brake Service at David Hobbs Honda

We encourage you to visit our service center near Milwaukee, WI. Be sure to schedule a service appointment before you come in and also peruse our collection of service specials. We look forward to assisting you.

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