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Why Work at David Hobbs Honda?

In today’s world, it helps to have a stable job. Fortunately, automobiles are not going out of fashion. Working at a dealership is a great way to get started in the car world. Those with experience in automotive jobs will also fit right in at David Hobbs Honda near Mequon, WI. If you find cars interesting or already know a lifetime’s worth, we are eager to meet you. Our dealership has several departments, depending on what type of auto industry work you are looking for.

Those with people skills will do well on our sales team. Not only do you get to learn about the cars on our lot, but you get to help people find the vehicle that is perfect for them. If you are more of a hands-on worker, our service center might be the place for you. We are always happy to have people interested in the mechanics of vehicles. Lastly, the math-minded folks might want to check out our finance department. The finance team is responsible for finding people suitable payment plans they can afford. Thus, you get to help people figure out how to manage their purchases properly.

Look at our online job postings to see what interests you. We are excited to review your application. Begin your automotive industry career at David Hobbs Honda near Mequon, WI.

Why Work at David Hobbs Honda?

David Hobbs Honda is a competitive place to work and a respected dealership. Through your job at our dealership, you will become a staple of the community near Mequon, WI. Our dealership services a large area, and Hondas are fantastic vehicles. So many drivers come to our dealership for new cars, loan financing, and automotive service.

Our jobs offer competitive pay and benefits. Profit-sharing, 401k, and paid training are all a part of the package. Working here means you can save money and afford to live the life you want. In the sales department, there is also room to earn commissions. While we guarantee a respectable minimum salary, our top earners are likely some of the top earners among their peers. In our service and finance department, there is ample room for career growth and earning more.

If you want to learn more, please call us at David Hobbs Honda to learn more about our automotive jobs in Mequon, WI. We want to hear from you and talk to you about your future work in the auto industry.

Get Hired at Our Mequon, WI, Honda Dealership 

Do not sit on your hands and let opportunities pass you by. David Hobbs Honda could be the place where you develop a lifelong passion. At the very least, you will be able to learn important skills while inflating your bank account. We are looking to hire motivated and talented individuals. If you have experience doing the work we do, we are happy to hear it. Still, if you know you want to work at our dealership near Mequon, WI, apply online even if you do not have a relevant work history. The worst thing that could happen is we say no, and you learn a little bit more about applying for jobs. In the best case, you start an unforgettable career path in the automotive industry near Mequon, WI.



Join a Winning Team at a Wisconsin Top Workplace, David Hobbs Honda

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