Honda Accord Wins Best Car Award

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2015 Honda Accord Named A “Best Car” By Car and Driver Magazine

2015 Honda AccordThe 2015 Honda Accord was named a “Best Car” in Car and Driver Magazines 31st annual list of the 10 Best Cars in America. It is the 29th time the Honda Accord has won the coveted award since the magazine began its prestigious list of best cars in 1983.

Jeff Conrad is the general manager and senior vice president of the Honda Division of American Honda Motor Co, INC. Conrad addressed Honda’s excitement over having again won the distinction as a “Best Car”. Conrad further posited how proud he is of Honda’s success, and the Accord’s continued domination on the American market. Conrad spoke to the award as cementing Honda’s place on the market as a brand that places supreme importance on a vehicles engineering, construction and driving performance. Conrad enthused that these traits have led to the popularity of the Accord, and help to make it a top choice among American consumers for years.

Car and Driver’s Editor in Chief, Eddie Alterman, spoke about the Honda Accord’s versatility. Alterman and the other Car and Magazine editors appreciate the Accord’s ability to act as a sports car while posing within a functional, sedan body. Not only is it appropriate for everyday use, said Alterman, but the Accord offers exceptional driveability that leads to a fun commute for Honda’s customers, no matter where they take it.

The 2015 Honda Accord model lineup feature the brand’s innovative Earth Dreams Technology™ powetrains, which include either a 6 speed manual transmission or continuously variable transmission, featuring Honda’s next generation 2.4-liter, direct-injected 4-cylinder engine. The Accord lineup offers the best fuel economy in its class in the EPA Midsize category, with the 4-cylinder models earning a highway mpg of 36, or 34 highway mpg in the V-6 model. The Accord Hybrid Sedan offers a class-leading 50 mpg, and is powered by the highly efficient, all-new Atkinson cycle engine and two-motor hybrid system.

The Accord has continually led its class and the motor vehicle industry in meeting the strict emission standards. Honda offered the first vehicle to achieve SULEV 20 emission standards, with the introduction of the Accord Plug-In,  vehicle which also offers the lowest tailpipe emissions currently available in the ICE vehicle segment.

The 2015 Honda Accord is in it’s ninth generation, and has been available on the United States market since 1976. The vehicle, which has been produced in America since 1982, are almost all assembled at the Honda Brand’s Marysville, Ohio factory plant.

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