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FAQ About Oil Changes near Mequon, WI

If you are looking for a reputable service center that offers affordable rates and exceptional service, look no further than David Hobbs Honda. Our service center is staffed by a team of professional technicians who can skillfully perform a variety of services on all makes and models. Our services include tire repair and replacement, battery service, engine and transmission service, oil changes, brake service, fluid changes, inspections, and much more.

We invite you to visit us today and experience and explore all that we have to offer. If you have any questions regarding our services, feel free to reach out today. Our service center is open six days a week to best assist you. You can contact us online, by phone at (414) 988-3335, or by visiting our dealership near Mequon, WI.

If your vehicle needs a particular service, say an oil change, then you have come to the right place. Our technicians are on hand to answer any questions that you have. Before you do come in, be sure to read below about several frequently asked questions regarding our oil change service.

  • When Should You Change Your Oil? The first step is to check your vehicle’s manual for manufacturer recommendations. Additionally, many modern vehicles come equipped with service reminder monitors, which track the number of miles driven and driving conditions. This helps alert you when you need an oil change.
  • How Often Do I Check The Oil Level? It is recommended that you check your oil fluid levels at least once a month. When checking your oil, be sure to park in a flat area, allow your engine to cool off if it has been running, and be aware of any hot areas under the hood.
  • Signs That You Need an Oil Change? Some signs that you need to change your oil include thick and dark oil, an oil smell in the cabin, blue exhaust smoke, knocking or ticking engine noise, and the oil change light illuminates.
  • What Type of Oil Should You Use? Again, you want to follow the manual’s recommendations. If your vehicle does not need synthetic oil, it’s safe to avoid it in favor of conventional oil. Synthetic oil is much more expensive.
  • Schedule Your Oil Change at David Hobbs Honda

    We encourage you to visit our service center near Mequon, WI, for all of your oil change needs. Be sure to schedule a service appointment before you come in and also peruse our collection of service specials. We look forward to assisting you.

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