Tips for Purchasing Your First Family Friendly Vehicle

May 9th, 2016 by

Happy family with the dealer buying a new carHaving a family that has grown from 3 people to 7 over the last 7 years has taught me a lot when it comes to car shopping. When we were a family of 3, a nice sedan suited us just fine. There was more than enough room for everyone and the trunk had enough space to fit everything we needed if we were going on a road trip, to the ball park or just the grocery store.

Now that our family has grown to 7 people, we can completely fill a minivan! We have 2 convertible car seats and a child booster seat for the little kids and those take up a lot of space.

If you are shopping for your first family friendly vehicle and you want it to fit your family for quite some time, here are some great tips to follow and things to look for when you are out shopping.

1. Make sure the vehicle you are considering has enough room for your current family and room to grow if you need to. Also, take into consideration that you may want some extra space if one of your children wants to bring a friend along somewhere.

2. I definitely recommend a vehicle that has a remote to allow you to lock and unlock the doors and if you really want to spoil yourself, one that has a button to open any doors or the trunk/hatch. These tools make loading kids, bags, etc. into the car a lot easier when your hands are full.

3. Will your current child safety seat work in this vehicle? Don’t be afraid to put your current car seat in the vehicle you are thinking of purchasing and make sure it is a proper fit and everything is secure.

4. Make sure the new vehicle has enough trunk space! Is there enough room for your groceries? A stroller? Your luggage if your family decides to take a road trip? Do you have a child that has to lug around sports equipment? Will it all fit? These are things you want to have when you are toting around a family.

5. Does the new vehicle have all the bells and whistles you are looking for? I recommend having a TV/DVD player if you plan on taking trips. I also highly recommend a built-in GPS as they are much more user friendly. If you are like us and experience very cold winters, you may want to add remote start as well!

Just remember to keep these things in mind when you are on the hunt for your first family friendly vehicle and you won’t be disappointed!

Author Note: Anne Younger is a local WI writer and owner of the blog The Megalomaniac Mommy.In her blog she covers everything about being a family person, tips on raisings for children, as children, activitie well as local events. Follow her on Facebook.

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